Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld & Showerhead Combo

Have you continuously wished to possess a mixture shower expertise? Has the value of putting in one continuously been preventive to you? Is one amongst the explanations why you haven’t tried a multiple nozzle experience been as a result of you simply have one plumbing fixture? because of this dance orchestra nozzle from Ana bathtub, all of these queries are effectively answered in one efficient package! however cheap is that this nozzle combo? It’s but $80 on sites like Amazon!

The options of the Ana bathtub nozzle dance orchestra

Forget all of these nozzles that keep company with a plastic hose that’s super stiff till the water heats it up somewhat bit to create it pliable! The hose on this dance orchestra showerhead is created from stainless-steel and is that the good trendy element to feature into just about any lavatory. It takes a beating and keeps on ticking, being leak resistant though you happen to drop your nozzle multiple times.

In addition, these options may additionally be beneficial:

you’ll be able to upgrade your fixture because of the tool-free installation method that accompanies this dance orchestra showerhead;
an outsized 3-way diverter mount helps to stay water flowing the proper method while not being thus large that it pulls at your plumbing fixtures;
you have got the flexibleness to use the hand-held shower, the pasted shower, or each at identical time; and
there area unit 5 distinctive flow settings with this nozzle that permit you additional customise your daily shower expertise.

The Advantages of the Ana bathtub nozzle dance orchestra

Rated with a water pressure of eighty PSI, the Ana bathtub dance orchestra nozzle will deliver 2 streams of this inside normal water flow to {provide|to present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} you associate all encompassing expertise that a regular nozzle simply can’t provide. There area unit extra benefits that will even be of benefit:

this dance orchestra nozzle speaks of longevity, with several users reportage frequent use over a amount of three years with none issues with the nozzle whatsoever;
a number of the interior components area unit manufactured from plastic, however the standard is high and for the MSRP of this dance orchestra unit, you won’t realize a more robust deal; and
you’ll get ample water coverage where you wish it, whenever you wish it because of the flexibleness this dance orchestra nozzle provides.

Issues with this Ana bathtub handheld/showerhead combination

There is one issue to report with the Ana bathtub dance orchestra showerheads, specifically with the diverter. concerning one in each two hundred diverters that were created area unit defective in how and this can be a difficulty of that Ana bathtub is aware. the matter lies within the swiveling mechanism and for a few reason it looks to strip out throughout either the producing or the shipping method. These defective units area unit exchangeable.

Is this Ana bathtub dance orchestra nozzle the proper one for you? It’s a good price purchase in our eyes as a result of you’re obtaining 2 showerheads to use that may very provide you with a tailored expertise. put in showers with multiple heads will price thousands of greenbacks, however this fixture offers you the same expertise for fewer than 100 usd. For us, that’s a deal that actually can’t be beat!

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