Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

The Speakman Icon adjustable nozzle is in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost cheap solid metal showerheads we’ve seen return on in a long, long time. manufactured from solid brass, with one in every of four distinctive finishes for you to contemplate, this nozzle speaks of sturdiness from the instant you are taking it out of the box! Six jets produce a forceful shower expertise that may allow you to begin your day contemporary or finish your day on a positive note. Priced close to $100 with its MSRP, on-line stores like Amazon carry this nozzle for below $60 in several instances.

The options of the Speakman Icon nozzle

The primary feature of this nozzle is that the Anystream technology that’s related to it. it’s a proprietary technology that helps you to absolutely customise your shower expertise each day. merely flip the lever on the nozzle in either direction, up to 360 degrees, associated you get an infinitely numerous set of showering options!

In addition, these options can also be of benefit:

the proprietary plunger system during this nozzle can maximize the force of your water stream, in spite of however sensible or dangerous your water pressure happens to be;
installation of this nozzle is extremely easy – simply set out your recent nozzle, apply plumber’s tape that’s enclosed, then screw on this showerhead; and
half-dozen jets give you with forty eight totally different sprays on a simple to scrub and maintain product.

The Advantages of the Speakman Icon nozzle

Why ar such a lot of reviewers line the Speakman Icon the most effective nozzle they’ve ever owned? as a result of it provides a semipermanent quality result, even once utilized by multiple individuals on a routine. whether or not it’s the metal style or the attainment, {you can|you’ll|you may} notice the distinction directly that this nozzle will give you with an extended lasting expertise which is its primary advantage.

In addition, these different blessings could also be of benefit:

you may continually have consistent spray, even below low tide pressure conditions;
it doesn’t drip or leak like different showerheads tend to try and do, particularly once they ar initial put in and also the rings ar performing on expanding; and
a lifespan restricted assurance helps to safeguard your investment just in case there’s a defect among the metal or construction of this nozzle.

The primary criticism and problems encompassing this nozzle result from the outward jets themselves being plastic rather than metal. it’s true that older Speakman showerheads enclosed metal jets, however considering the worth of this nozzle, a 100 percent metal nozzle is unlikely and if it will exist, the metal is probably going to be inferior.

Is the Speakman Icon the proper nozzle for you? it’s a top quality nozzle at a decent worth. The all metal exterior style provides this nozzle a lot of sturdiness, creating it a decent investment for larger families. There ar similar showerheads made of plastic rather than metal that give the same result just like the Speakman building Anystream (Approx $30, browse our review), however if you wish one thing that may last years rather than months, this is often one in every of the showerheads to contemplate buying.

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