The best LED shower head

Why you may love it: The DreamSpa AquaFan 12-inch LED Shower Head encompasses a LED light-weight that changes color to point the temperature vary of the water.

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If you think that having a LED light-weight in your shower head that causes the water to require on a coloured tint is primarily for fun … well, you’d be right. however the DreamSpa AquaFan 12-Inch LED Shower Head conjointly uses the LED lighting to supply a wise purpose, serving to you see precisely what the water temperature is before you step into the kiosk. not does one ought to suffer through getting into associate degree icy stream of shower water!

The LED light-weight is blue once the water temperature is below ninety five degrees, inexperienced once it’s below 109 degrees, red once it’s below 122 degrees, and flashing red once the water is on top of 122 degrees.

The serious review shows however a small alphanumeric display screen within the LED space displays the precise water temperature, providing data additionally to the larger LED light-weight system. The Armchair Arcade review points out that no batteries square measure required to run the LED, because it runs utterly from water pressure and may last concerning a hundred,000 hours.

The 12-inch shower head provides a rain-style water flow, that the Shower Tips review calls peaceful. One Amazon client conjointly appreciated the nice water flow coverage space from the rain-style shower head.

However, a number of completely different Amazon reviewers mentioned that the DreamSpa AquaFan shower head emits a whining noise once operating, thus be warned.

Pros: Fun LED lights tint the water color, ever-changing LED lights indicate water temperature, 12-inch shower head provides rain-style water flow, sensible total water flow, no batteries needed

Cons: Shower head emits a whining noise, value may be a very little on top of average

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